The WD4LUQ Repeater System

WD4LUQ 444.7 REPEATER   444.700Mhz + 77Hz tone
The 444.7 repeater was first put on the air in December of 1989. It is comprised of a Icom receiver, a Cat 500 controller, a G.E. Master 2 transmitter, a E.F. Johnson power amp, and a Icom 2at with a 80 watt mirage amp for the 2mtr remote. It has a D.B. 420 antenna on a 100 foot tower. The elevation at the antenna is 1240. Now with EchoLink capability.

WD4LUQ 146.895 REPEATER   146.895Mhz + ( Input 147.495Mhz) 77Hz tone
The 146.895 repeater was first put on the air on September 22, 1991. It is composed of a Icom receiver, a G.E. Master 2 transmitter, and a Cat 500 controller. It has a Icom 4at with a motorola amp for the remote. It uses a Diamond 510NA dual band antenna for the 2mtr and the remote. It is linked to 224.88.

WD4LUQ 224.88 REPEATER   224.88Mhz - 77Hz tone
The 224.88 repeater was put on the air in August of 1993. It uses a Icom receiver, a Icom transmitter, and a TE Systems power amp. It shares the Cat 500 controller with the 146.895 repeater. Its antenna is a DB 224JJ.

Bill and the 224.880- and 146.895+ Repeaters.

444.700+ Repeater.

Closeup of 224.880- and 146.895+ Repeaters.

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