North Georgia Ham Radio Nets

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Georgia Traders Net

Sunday morning at 9:00 AM


Georgia ARES

Sunday afternoon at 5:00 PM


Paulding Amateur Radio Club Emergency Simplex Test Net

Sunday afternoon at 5:00 - 6:00 PM

146.520 Simplex

Simplex instructions

Under emergency conditions, repeaters may not work, therefore simplex operations will be primary communication. When talking on simplex, direct traffic to net control or your relay station. Remember to open your squelch to enable you to hear distant contacts. Contact net control to relay in any distant stations that are not heard by net control. Keep in mind that a conversation may be taking place that you are unable to hear. Be patient, and keep trying!

This net is called by volunteers. If you wish to volunteer to call a net, contact Emergency Simplex Net Coordinator Tom Burkhart - KI4MDU.
(Net Controller script)

Georgia Statewide Net

Sunday afternoon at 6:00 PM


Alford Memorial RC Roundtable

Sunday evening at 7:00 PM

146.760- (PL 107.2)

Atlanta Radio Club Net

Sunday evening at 7:30 PM


North Fulton ARES net

Sunday evening at 7:30 PM


Spalding County ARES

Sunday night at 8:30 PM

145.390- (PL 88.5)

Northwest Georgia Emergency Communications Net

Sunday night at 9:00 PM

145.350- (PL 100)

Whitfield/Murray County ARES

Sunday night at 9:00 PM


Dalton Amateur Radio Club Net

Sunday night at 9:30 PM



E.A.R.S. Net

Monday night at 7:30 PM. All hams welcome.

145.170- (PL 100)

Tri-States Amateur Radio Club Net

Monday night at 9:00 PM

145.350- (PL 100)


Paulding Amateur Radio Club Net

Tuesday night at 8:00 PM. Early bird check-in begins at 7:30 PM.

146.895+ (PL 77)
224.880- (PL 77)
444.700+ (PL 77)

(Net Controller script)

Smoked Hams Net

Tuesday night at 7:00 PM

146.895+ (PL 77)

C.C.A.R.S. Net

Tuesday night at 9:00 PM



SouthEastern Linked Repeater Net

Wednesday night at 9:00 PM


Cobb County ARES

Wednesday night at 9:00 PM

146.880- (PL 100)


Kennehoochee Weekly Radio Net

Thursday night at 8:30 PM

146.880- (PL 100)


Metro Atlanta Amateur Radio

Friday night at 8:00 PM — Youth Net


Friday night at 9:00 PM — IRLP for Kids Net

146.820-split (PL 146.2)

Friday night at Midnight — Turnip Truck Net

146.760-split (PL 107.2)


Hoot Owl Net

Saturday night at 10:00 PM

147.015- (PL 100)

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